San Diego: More UK Creator and UK News

The 38th annual Comic-Con took this place this weekend in San Diego, California and many British creators were on hand to talk about their new projects to some 120,000 visitors. Here’s a few more items from what sounds a frenetic event that’s perhaps become too big too handle for many attendees…

(As ever, British creators — please feel free to let me have your news – always happy to plug projects whenever I can, time permitting!)

Comics News

Elephantmen #10: Unicorn by Richard Starkings & Moritat, covers by Ladrönn with flip cover color by Snakebite, went on sale just before the con, another issue of the indie title published on schedule. Underneath a veneer of success and celebrity, Obadiah Horn believes himself to be more animal than man. Forced to hide this side of himself from his human consort, Sahara, he is nevertheless aware that she is the only one that understands the war that rages inside him and can perhaps save him from himself. But in all wars, there must be casualties. Click here for a gorgeous preview
Also on sale from Active Images is Strange Embrace #2 by Dave Hine

Grant Morrison and JG Jones have been announced as the creative team for DC’s Final Crisis.

• Jamie Delano
is returning to Hellblazer, perhaps these days better known as John Constantine, created by Alan Moore during the latter’s run on Swamp Thing. Jamie will be writing the character once again, in the Vertigo original graphic novel, Hellblazer: Pandemonium.
“As I understand it, the project arose out of Vertigo’s desire to mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of Hellblazer #1 back in the Spring of 1988 with a number of special projects,” Delano told Comic Book Resources. “Casey Seijas at Vertigo called to ask if I’d be prepared to collaborate in this event and, in a moment of weakness, I agreed.”
Warren Ellis is writing Astonishing X-Men after Joss Whedon and John Cassaday wrap up their run. The title to be relaunched as Astonishing X-Men: Second Stage.

• As reported earlier, Gary Russell is to write a new Doctor Who comic for IDW

Chris Weston is working with J. Michael Straczynski on The Twelve for Marvel

Film News

Variety and others reported that director Guy Ritchie will be adapting his own Virgin Comic book Gamekeeper as a feature film, with Joel Silver producing.

300 director Zack Snyder revealed the poster and cast for his highly anticipated Watchmen movie based on the classic graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The film is scheduled to be released in 2009

– Jackie Earle Haley is Walter Kovacs/ Rorschach, an uncompromising, psychopathic vigilante investigating the death of The Comedian (played by Jeffrey (Grey’s Anatomy) Dean Morgan)
– Patrick Wilson is Dan Dreiberg/ Nite Owl, a technical wiz who relies heavily on gadgetry and know-how.
– Billy Crudup is the mysterious blue-skinned Dr. Manhattan
– Matthew (Match Point) Goode is to play Adrian Veidt/ Ozymandias, the former costumed crime fighter turned entrepreneur
– Malin (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) Akerman is to be Laurie Juspeczyk/ Silk Spectre.

futoncritic reports that Lucy (How I Met Your Mother) Hale has been tapped as Becca Sommers, the younger sister to former ~EastEnders star Michelle Ryan‘s character, a role originally played by Mae Whitman. The character has also been retooled – she’ll no longer be hearing impaired and has been given a prowess for computer hacking.

Odds and Ends…
Futurama #32 features a scene with Daleks. Knowing Dalek creator Terry Nation’s agents they’ll be chasing money as soon as they find out.
• Check out for information on an upcoming documentary that reveals the truth about Miracleman/Marvelman for the first time in twenty five years, featuring interviews with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman (who was snogged by Jonathan Ross at the Eisners!), Gary Leach and many more.

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