12 Hour Shift Released

Three years in the making, London-based cartoonist Sean Azzopardi’s Twelve Hour Shift is now on sale, offering an incisive take on the sharp contrast between the creative job you want and the bill-paying job you can get.

Running to over 140 pages, it’s the story of Steve Jones, an artist who struggles through a series of tedious, menial jobs for sustenance, leaving his creative time squeezed into evenings and weekends. It’s a tale drawn from life but with plenty of the surreal thrown in for good measure (as you’ll see from the samples on his blog).

“If you’ve ever felt torn between a creative pursuit and putting bread on the table, you will quickly find a connection with the frustrated artist,” feels Richard Krauss in his review of the book for web site Midnight Fiction, “and it will draw you into this illustrated docudrama.

“… The artwork and page layouts are engaging, beautiful, at times satirical, and consistently inventive. Azzopardi is a captivating storyteller. He successfully combines the words and pictures into a heart-felt drama I couldn’t put down.”

Twelve Hour Shift costs £6.95 + £2.00 postage. Click below for Paypal details. For other payment methods contact Sean Azzopardi.

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