Jim Alexander and Mark Bloodworth’s “Ripper Legacy” re-published

Ripper Legacy


Ripper Legacy, a 90-page graphic novel written by writer and publisher Jim Alexander, first published by Caliber Comics, is now available as a digital download on Drive Thru Comics.

The murders begin and they’re reminiscent of the notorious Jack the Ripper murders that occurred over a century ago. As an investigative team is called in, they find out that not only can horror live forever, but it can manifest itself in many different ways.

Now it is a race against time to try to stop the evil entity before the body count rises even further…

Written by Jim Alexander, owner of the terrific indie publishing house Planet Jimbot, and whose credits also include Birds of Prey, Ben 10 and Young Justice, Ripper Legacy is drawn by Deadworld and Hellraiser artist Mark Bloodworth.

Planet Jimbot has recently had two of its titles nominated in the ‘Best British Comic (B&W)’ category for the new “True Believers Awards“, which will be presented at London Film and Comic Con – Wolf Country and GoodCopBadCop.

Caliber Comics, which announced it was resuming publishing earlier this year, was one of the leading independent US publishers in the 1990’s. Over 1300 comics and 70 graphic novels were released, including such notable titles as Deadworld, The Crow, Baker Street, Realm, Kabuki, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Negative Burn, Moebius Comics, Maze Agency, Alan Moore’s Songbook, Mr. Monster and many others.

There were quite a few of today’s creators who got their start here or made a name for themselves at Caliber including British creators such as Charles Adlard, Mike Carey, Vince Locke, Mike Perkins and many others.

But Caliber also published some established talents and included such respected and diverse talents as Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Moebius, Mike Deodato Jr., John McCrae, Garth Ennis, Dave Dorman, Warren Ellis, Jill Thompson, Wayne VanSant, and others.

Many past Caliber titles have been re-presented by Desperado Publishing (whose titles have been published under an IDW imprint since 2009) and Transfuzion Publishing and many of them are also available on Drive Thru Comics.

Caliber titles are also available via Comixology, itunes, Play Google, Kindle, Nook, iVerse, Drive Thru Comics, and many others. New books are being added weekly.

Buy Ripper Street on Drive Thru Comic

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Caliber Comics Official Site

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