2000AD Mongrol Figure on sale next week

3A Toys Mongrol from 2000AD's ABC Warriors(Updated 24/2/11): The first of a series of seven A.B.C Warriors action figures, Mongrol, goes on sale next Monday and should be available from your local classy toy retailer.

Produced by 3A Toys, Mongrol is just one figure in a range that includes the Mighty Tharg – with more to come.

Mongrol is the first in a series of 1/6th figures of the ABC Warriors – a band of renegade robots designed to fight a future war and able to withstand ‘Atomic’, ‘Bacterial’ and ‘Chemical’ warfare – by renowned toys creators threeAToys.

Known for his brutal catchphrase “Mongrol smush!”, the immensely strong battle-droid is always itching for a fight. Standing at 30cm high, and with a shoulder width of 35cm, this fully articulated figure will make a thrilling addition to any fans’ collection.

ABC Warriors creator Pat Mills is delighted with the figure. “Normally I’m not impressed by toys, but Mongrol is amazing,” he said on Facebook. “[It’s] very McMahon and rightly so, as he was his creator.”

2000AD has produced some of the most innovative and famous characters in comic book history,” notes the comic’s editor Matt Smith, “So for threeA, a company with such a good reputation for making quality toys, to produce figures based on them is a match made in heaven for us.

“Mongrol is one of the classic characters from 2000AD and it’s great to see him brought him to life like this, fit for any discerning fan’s home.”

Based in Hong Kong, 3A Toys was formed as a partnership between internationally acclaimed artist Ashley Wood and leading designer toy maker ThreeZero in 2008. 3A Toys is home to the hit toy line World War Robot, Metal Gear Solid and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

2000AD and the worlds within its pages was inspirational in igniting the dream of becoming a comic artist for me, which lead to my first professional comic job, illustrating a Dredd Story for the Megazine,” said Ashley Wood, CEO at 3A Toys when the licensee was first signed back in 2009,” It feels very gratifying and exciting to revisit this universe now with toys.”

This exclusive Mongrol figure will go on sale from threeA online and to retailers on Monday 28 February for a recommended retail price is US$250. There will also be a ‘stealth’ Black Mongrol exclusively available through Bambaland.com. While most threeA toys go on sale for limited periods, Mongrol’s ordering window is to be left open – giving fans of both 2000AD and stunning-looking toys a much better chance to get their hands on this fantastic piece.

• For more info email infoATthreeaonline or visit: www.threeaonline.com

• Mongrol will be on sale from the 3A Store: www.bambalandstore.com

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  1. He looks fantastic (and I see the Mess is also included). But $250?!?

    I wish they’d bring out a smaller (and cheaper) version.

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