Convict Commandos back in action!

Commando 5123: Home of Heroes: Convict Commandos: Wolf Warriors

The latest issues of DC Thomson’s war comic, Commando (Issues 5123 – 5126) are on sale now! Hunt ‘wolf warriors’ with the Convict Commandos, infiltrate a POW camp full of bloodthirsty Nazi fanatics, team up with Italian partisans in the Adriatic, and take out an invading kriegsmarine crew on a remote Scottish island…

Commando 5123: Home of Heroes: Convict Commandos: Wolf Warriors
Story: Alan Hebden | Art and Cover: Manuel Benet

The Convict Commandos are back! Join Guy, Titch, Smiler, Mallory and Jelly for their latest adventure. Tracking down Nazi super soldiers known as the ‘wolf warriors’, Guy and his gang must cross the Lundendorff Bridge and march straight into enemy territory, luring the warriors out by using themselves as bait!

Alan Hebden’s latest instalment in his fan-favourite Convict Commando series does not disappoint! Flick through the pages of Manuel Benet’s masterful artwork and feel part of the adventure.

Commando 5124: Gold Collection: Under the Wire

Commando 5124: Gold Collection: Under the Wire
Story: Allan | Art: Alonso | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 460 (February 1970). Reprinted No. 1295 (February 1979).

British Lieutenant Pete Smith had a plan: he would don the stolen uniform of an SS soldier, speak like a Nazi, and infiltrate a German POW camp in an effort to prevent a break out. The only problem was SS Captain Gustav Siegel, who had marked Pete for revenge and happened to be trapped with alongside him behind the barbed wire fence of the camp. Maybe Pete would need help escaping after all…

Penalva’s bold cover uses thick slabs of colour on a blood-red background, readying any reader to Allan and Alonso’s adrenaline packed issue inside!

Commando 5125: Action and Adventure: E-Boat Strike!

Commando 5125: Action and Adventure: E-Boat Strike!
Story: George Low | Art: Jeff Anderson | Cover: Janek Matysiak

After the Allies invaded Italy in 1943, the majestic waters of the Adriatic Sea were some of the most dangerous in the world. Crawling with Italian MAS boats, now faster and deadlier than they when the terrorised the Austro-Hungarian Navy in World War One, the only thing worse in the water was the lethal German E-boats that lurked like vultures, waiting to pick off their prey…

Jeff Anderson’s debut issue shows off his expert artwork and eye for detail, kicking off an explosive career with Commando. Paired with a story by former editor George Low and seasoned cover artist Janek Matysiak, this issue is an asset to any collection.

Commando 5126: Silver Collection: Home Guard Hero

Commando 5126: Silver Collection: Home Guard Hero
Story: Burden | Art: Gordon C Livingstone | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2791 (September 1994).

When a Nazi U-boat’s crew invades the small island of Beagsay in Scotland, the townsfolk’s only hope of rescue is in Alec Fraser’s Home Guard squad. After the rest of the platoon leave the island for a training exercise, Alec is left with only the dregs of military support: seventeen year olds Iain Bissett and David Macaskell, and sexagenarian fishermen Jock and Hamish McColl. But when push came to shove they’d show the Nazis that they came to the wrong island!

If ‘Dad’s Army’ was cranked up to ten, it would be Burden’s ‘Home Guard Hero’. With the stakes higher than ever, the cruelty of the Nazi CO is written all over Gordon C Livingstone’s interior artwork, while Ian Kennedy’s cover centres on our brave Tommy hero defending the island he holds so dear.

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