Commando: Music From The Home Front

In this 50 anniversary year of the Eagle award winning Commando, there are a number of tie-ins scheduled to be published in addition to the standard 104 issues of the comic. As well as the latest of the big reprint books, Rogue Raiders, Carlton are just about to release a set of four Commando paperbacks that will reprint three themed stories in each book.

However the book that we here at downthetubes are most keen to see is also from Carlton and that is Commando 50 Years: A Home For Heroes written by former Commando editor George Low. Rather than being a reprint book, this will be a hardback book about Commando that is due for release on 13 October 2011. It will include a foreword by BBC Top Gear presenter James May who has already pinned his war comics credentials to the wall in forewords to David Roach’s two IPC combat picture library art books, Aarrgghh! It’s War and The Art Of War. Early reports suggest that this Commando book will be well worth the wait.

In the meantime there is another Commando tie-in to tide us over until that book is released – and it is perhaps the most unusual tie-in in Commando’s half century history. EMI have just released Commando: War Themes, a compilation album of themes from war films including such well known movies as The Dambusters, 633 Squadron and Lawrence Of Arabia. With an Ian Kennedy cover of an Allied Willies jeep being chased by a (rather suicidal) German Messerschmitt Bf109, the albums will be available in both CD and downloadable MP3 format.

This isn’t the first time that DC Thomson titles have been used to market music compilations with Jackie being used for a whopping six multi-disc albums while last year saw The Broons Family Album released in time for the Christmas market. It is however the first time EMI have used a DC Thomson “boy’s” title for their music albums.

There are more details of all the Commando books currently available at the Carlton website.

Commando: War Themes is available from Amazon UK in both CD and MP3 formats.


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