New “Axa” collections in the works from Dren Productions

Axa, the classic SF adventure comic strip from the 1970s and 1980s created by the late Enrique Badia Romero, is returning, thanks to Dren Productions, who will launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon to republish the first two story arcs of the original comic strips.

First appearing in The Sun in the UK, Axa was hugely popular in Europe, but never gained mainstream publishing in the United States. Running to nineteen adventures, the series centred on Axa, a spirited woman in the year 2080, who can no longer endure the oppressive order of the Domed City, a utopia built to protect the remnants of humanity after the Great Contamination.

Driven by a thirst for freedom, she escapes to the wild, uncharted territories beyond. As a nomadic adventurer in the devastated outside world, Axa encounters a diverse array of survivors and challenges, forging a new, exhilarating life far from the confines of civilisation….

The first Axa strip by Enrique Badia Romero
The first Axa strip by Enrique Badia Romero
Axa #1 (Dren Productions, 2024)
Axa #1 (Dren Productions, 2024)

Dren Productions LLC a publisher and creator “of all things sci-fi, fantasy, nerd and geek”, will be launching their Axa project with the first two issues, offering over 60 pages of the original comic, and over 200 of the original strips.

Dren Productions, “where dreams are alive”, describe their mission not only to bring quality stories and graphic novels out to the masses, but to have fun doing it. “We introduce classic science fiction, fantasy and horror stories to new audiences by creating original graphic novels, as well as create original stories that will knock readers’ socks off.”

Other projects, many very successfully crowdfunded, include the humour title, Dungeons and Dimwits, Plan 59 from Outer Space, and Tales of the Bizarre.

UPDATE Wednesday 1st May: Head to Kickstarter to back this project

UK fans should be aware shipping costs from the United States are estimated and not cheap – as much $28 on top of your pledge

Dren Productions is online at | Follow Dren Productions on Facebook | X

Axa Links

• Check out Axa online at |

• The worldwide rights to AXA are owned and controlled by AXA 2238 LLC – more details here

In Memoriam: Modesty Blaise and Axa artist Enric Badia Romero

• Axa art for sale on The Book Palace web site

AXA is Copyright © AXA 2238 LLC, 2023. All Rights Reserved

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