Support Your Local Comic Shop. Art by Nick Miller
Art by Nick Miller. We’ve got a range of merchandise featuring this art on sale via CafePress

Here’s our map of British and Irish comic shops and venues that often have comics exhibitions or comics events. We’ve also included the known locations of sites of comics interest, like statues.

This map was last updated on 12th November 2019, adding details for the three Wow Comix in Greater Manchester: Wow Comix Bury, Wow Comix Sale and Wow Comix Stockport.

Mail order companies are also included, and we’ve also identified comic shops happy to stock small press comics, an addition brought to you thanks to help from Lew Stringer.

The map is generated using Google Maps; if we’ve missed a shop, or we’re listing one that has, sadly, gone out of business, please do email us and  let us know and we’ll make a correction as soon as possible.

Our thanks in particular to downthetubes member Colin Noble for his work on this aspect of the site.

Please note, despite the ever-improving accuracy of search engines, it’s worth checking a shop is still open, or its opening times, before you make a trip.

• Please do share this map. The short link to the Google Map is

Please note that if you want to contact a particular comic shop, you’ll have to follow the links through on the map. For the most part the locations provide information sourced from Google Maps.

Some shops don’t publish public email addresses but they do have a fill-in form on their site for enquiries – and of course, you can always phone them, too!

View the downthetubes British and Irish Comic Shops and Exhibitions map on Google Maps


Blue: Comic Shop
Red: Shops also known to offer Mail Order Services
Grey: Shops also known to sell small press comics
Yellow: Comic-related sites of interest

Comic Shops Worldwide

This international comics map is very much a work in progress. The short link to the Google Map is:



Online Comic Services

It’s also worth checking the web sites of your local comic shops – or indeed the web sites of any of the comic shops mapped above, as most also provide mail order services.

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• Economic Comics

Launched in 2008, UK based supplier of comics, graphic novels, comic supplies, trading cards and related merchandise.

Additions, corrections or suggestions about this map? Please drop us a line

We will try and make corrections as soon as possible.


Compiled by John Freeman, Jeremy Briggs and Colin Noble

With thanks to Mike Allwood, Martyn Chivers, Daniel Clifford, Andy Davidson, Kerry Earl, Antony Esmond, Carl Flint, Jason Graham, Paul Griggs, Kev Hopgood, Alex Hunt, Greg Kitchin, Andy Luke, Steve Marchant, Maya Arts, Matthew Morley, Leigh Oakley, Joan Ormrod, Kenny Penman, Dan Powell, Martin Proctor, Mark Roberts, David Robertson, Neil Bhuna Roche, Robert JE Simpson, Spa Town Comics, Lew Stringer, Andrew Wildman, Alan Woollcombe – and everyine who has supplied information