A chance to win a signed book by Neil Gaiman, courtesy of the Open Rights Group

Britain’s Open Rights Group – the UK’s leading voice defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, consumer rights and creativity on the internet – marks its fifth birthday today, and is offering anyone who joins by donating or than £5 between now and 10th December a book by the organistion’s patron, Neil Gaiman – and the chance to win a signed copy by the author.

Celebrating Open Rights Group’s 5th birthday, ORG says our digital rights face an increasing number of challenges: the government has put widespread internet surveillance back on the agenda, Net Neutrality is slipping away and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (which has been rejected by the European Parliament) is being used to further restrict copyright provisions.

By joining ORG now, you’ll receive a free copy of graphic novel Tales from the Public Domain: Bound By Law? and could win a unique signed book from Neil Gaiman, who recently sent a video message in support of the organisation (above).

Founded in 2005 by 1,000 digital activists, the Open Rights Group campaigns to change public policy whenever citizens’ or consumers’ rights are threatened, by talking to policy-makers and mobilising supporters to stop bad laws in the UK and EU.

The group is funded by donors and depends on regular contributions to run and win their campaigns.

Read more about the Open Rights Group’s birthday here

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