A Decade Of Irish Comics Events

Having recently featured posts both on Comics In Northern Ireland and Scottish Comics Events, Belfast Comics organiser Paddy Brown has been in touch to effectively combine the two by pointing us in the direction of the Irish Comics Wiki. This Wiki includes a listing of comics events in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland stretching back as far as the year 2000.

The listing for 2010 shows that last year’s events ranged from the regular comics pub meeting in Belfast to comic jams in Dublin, from a manga and anime convention in Dublin to a gaming convention in Belfast, from workshops in Belfast to signings by comics artists in Dublin.

The list does show that the events tend to be centred on the two Irish capitals (although much the same could be said of Scottish events which are heavily biased towards Edinburgh and Glasgow) but Paddy does point out that since the Irish events lists are part of a publicly editable Wiki then anyone knowing of an event that is not currently on the list is able to add it themselves.

The Irish Comics Wiki is here with the Irish events listings here.

The Belfast Comics blog is here.

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