A Short History of Female Judges in Judge Dredd from 1979 to 1982 by “Judge Anon”

2000AD Pin Up: Judge HersheyI’ve just come across this excellent Tumblr offering some great pieces on the world of Judge Dredd and 2000AD. The creator – “Judge Anon” – is publishing a series of articles on the history of female Judges in the comic that makes for a great read. Here’s a small taste from the first part…

“…Eventually the question of who was the first female judge to appear in the strip popped out, and what followed was a two-pronged archeology labor through Case Files and Progs that yielded some interesting results. For clarity’s sake I’m only gonna be referring to the main progs here, no annuals or yearbooks included, but I’ll be happy to make a separate post for them if the need arises. So without further ado, let’s take a trip to the late 1970s and talk about ladies in leather for a while, shall we?Women judges are first mentioned in 2000AD prog 98, dated February 1979, but curiously enough not on the actual Judge Dredd strip. Or in any other comic strips. No, the first mention of a female judge happens in the Nerve Centre letters page, courtesy of one earthlet J.W. Richardson:

Judge Dredd: No Chauvinist Judges Letter

“Now, 2000AD was originally very much a Boys’ Comic, and that isn’t a euphemism. IPC Magazines, the prog’s original publisher, was very staunchly divided between Girls and Boys mags, each with their own separate offices and such. But while 2000AD was by design aimed at the lads, it didn’t stop them from garnering a certain amount of female readers. It did, however, stop them from featuring any actual female characters, save for a precious few exceptions…”

• Read the first part via the link below and the second part is here. There’s also a fun item published 1st April on a similar theme I’ll let you find for yourselves.


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