ABC Warriors Animated

2000AD ABC Warriors from Firestep Films on Vimeo.

Found on Vimeo by Paul Eldridge, this is an animation trailer for ABC Warriors, created by Firestep with the full cooperation of Rebellion Games, the Rights Holders to the 2000AD catalogue.

Impossible Pictures animation subsidiary Firestep have announced plans to develop full motion comics for TV in collaboration with Rebellion back in April (see press release here on 2000AD Forum)

Then, Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director of Rebellion said he was delighted to be working with Firestep. “Whilst we are at the top of our field in developing computer games and in comics publishing, Impossible and Firestep are at the top of theirs in TV production where they have an enviable level of success, expertise and experience.

“We sincerely hope that we can create a new generation of fans for 2000AD’s iconic characters and make great TV too.”

The innovative concept of a full motion comic aims to bring 2000AD to a broader, younger audience whilst still engaging its core fan base.

“We have an enviable creative challenge ahead of us in translating the extraordinarily diverse visual and narrative worlds of the 2000AD originals into animation,” said Firestep’s Steve Maher.

“Beyond that, we also want to structure the series in a way that mirrors the comic book – several short fully animated TV episodes of ongoing adventures, each starring a different 2000AD hero, each contained within a single show – a full motion comic.”

Impossible Pictures and Firestep MD Jonathan Drake adds “Step one is about selecting properties that can chime with a whole new generation whilst satisfying existing fans.”

There’s no indication which other characters are being developed, although both Judge Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock were mentioned in the initial release.

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