Aces Weekly 58 marks 400th week of digital publication for the long-running anthology

A new volume of David Lloyd’s long-running digital anthology Aces Weekly is up and running, just hitting its 400th week of publication since launch back in 2012 – and Volume 58 certainly has some treats in store!

“Space Junk” © 2022 Carlos Pascoa

Among them is the continuation of “Space Junk”, by Carlos Pascoa, in which a team of astronauts scrabble for survival on a hostile planet that pulls to its embrace any passing spacecraft that comes close. As they plunder the wreckage of ships from alien races across the galaxy, and fight their inhabitants for any life-sustaining resources, the planet’s own life-form begins to make its appearance…

The opening episode of this latest story is purely visual, but beautifully executed, and of course, if you subscribe now, you’ll get the whole adventure!

“Black” © 2022 Anthony Smith and Tobias Taitt

Another continuing story is “Black” from Anthony Smith and Tobias Taitt, a revelatory examination of an often-ignored piece of modern UK history. Taitt’s experiences as his mother tried, and failed, to build a better life for them in Britain speaks of systemic failures and personal hardships which are often overlooked.

Tobias Taitt never knew his father, but he knew his mother all too well. After she killed his uncle, three-year-old Tobias was condemned to spend his early years in a series of bleak children’s homes. As a black youth growing up in Seventies’ Britain he learned first-hand that the world could be a cold and uncaring place for a child of the state. But he also learned to navigate – and eventually to buck – the system.

Discovering a life outside the drab institutions that held him, he began a descent into a life of crime, while simultaneously developing a love for literature, and all its possibilities that grew within him.

A collection of earlier episodes was published last year by Soaring Penguin Press, available here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link), ISBN 978-1908030498

“Labyrinth” © 2022 Roberto Goiriz

In a new story, “Labyrinth”, beautifully drawn by Roberto Goiriz, a young man is offered an unusual educational opportunity…

A Paraguayan creator, Roberto Goiriz has worked for a number of publishers in a variety of countries, and is the founder of the design agency, Goiriz Imagen & Co. Alongside commissioned work, including cover art for Ghostbusters for IDW, he has self published several comic books, alone or with Editorial El Lector, and edited the humour magazine, El Raudal. He’s also the former president of “El círculo de Creativos del Paraguay”.

“Man and a Van” © 2022 Jok and Santullo

Back in action in this volume is “Man and a Van”, from Aces Weekly stalwarts Jok and Santullo. As man and a van does his best to help two women who’ve cheated the mob, he finds himself pursued by gangster bikers…

There’s little given away in this opening episode, but this story, as ever, is sure to take by the time you get to Week 7!

“Mutant United” © 2022 Gary Whitlock

Mutant United” by Gary Whitlock is back too, as your favourite team of footballing monsters savour recent success – but an angry rival has a new team he hopes will defeat these daft, delightful characters. This is a smashing humour strip, definitely in the spirit of Shiver and Shake, with a sprinkling of the legendary Ken Reid’s craziness!

“Stories of the Incredible” © 2022 Anthony Smith

Rounding off Week One’s content is “Stories of the Incredible” from Anthony Smith. If you’re a fan of all those pulp comic short stories telling crazy stories of alien encounters, ghostly gatherings and more, then this one is definitely up your street and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops! No spoilers!

Aces Weekly Volume 58, Week One is another massive mix of all kinds for all minds, made with love and stupendous creativity by fabulous talent from all over the known world, coming to you every Monday evening of every week in seven parts for seven weeks, and all, all, all, still for just £1 per week, in any currency, which gets you 58, 59, 60, etc, etc, etc. and onward.

Congratulations, once again, to the whole Aces Weekly team on their 400th landmark week of publication. If you’re lucky enough to have been reading from Week One, Volume One, of Aces Weekly, you have been on a fantastic reading voyage, covering over 7000 constantly-available pages by some of the finest comics creators on the globe. And, if you haven’t, then you can always buy back issues! Don’t miss out, now!

Aces Weekly Volume 58 runs for seven weeks, at Subscribe for just £1 per week, in any currency

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