AirTV offers a British Comics Chat with Tim Quinn and Lew Stringer

AirTV - Tim Quinn and Lew Stringer

This year has seen an explosion of podcasts and YouTube channels delivering some great interviews with comic creators, and online broadcaster AirTV International has joined the throng, offering a chat with British comic veterans Tim Quinn and Lew Stringer.

Tim chats with cartoonist Lew, best known for his work on BEANO and, more recently, Doctor Who Magazine, as well as being creator of “Combat Colin, about his diverse career. Along the way they both discuss early influences, the continuing appeal of comics, the challenge of reaching young audiences and much more – delivering a wide ranging and thoroughly enjoyable comics chat.

If you have a spare hour of your time, then check out the interview here on AirTV.

AirTV - Tim Quinn and Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer works as a professional humour comics artist and writer and has been freelancing full time since 1984, creating many characters such as Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Combat Colin and many more. He’s freelanced for IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini, DC Thomson, and many others, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties, pre-school to adult on comics and his recent work includes his creator-owned character “Sgt. SHOUTY of The Moon Force” for The77, “The Daft Dimension” for Doctor Who Magazine, and “Ellis the Escaping Elephant” for BEANO. Past credits also include “Team Toxic” for Egmont’s TOXIC Magazine, “Rasher”, “Doctor Flu”, “Lord Snooty” and ‘Ivy the Terrible’ for The Beano and “Felix and His Amazing Underpants’, ‘Pathetic Sharks’ and ‘Suicidal Syd’ for adult comic VIZ.

AirTV - Tim Quinn and Lew Stringer

Born in Liverpool in 1953, Tim Quinn’s career began at 16 as a clown at Blackpool Tower Circus. He worked as a TV scriptwriter for a time (on the BBC’s The Good Old Days) before breaking into comics. He worked for both DC Thomson and IPC at various times as a writer, editor and artist on titles that included Beano, Bunty, The Dandy, Jackie, Sparky, Topper, Buster, Whoopee! and Whizzer and Chips.

Also an editor at Marvel UK during his long and wonderfully varied career, as well as editing titles such as The Exploits of Spider-Man and co-creating the long-running “Doctor Who?” strip for Doctor Who Magazine, Tim and artist Dicky Howett were responsible for the various humour strips based on Earth 33 1/3 which ran in several Marvel UK’s titles in the early 1980s. He’s also worked for Marvel in the United States, working directly with the legendary Stan Lee, and has worked for several newspapers – and continues developing and publishing comics-related projects such as The 4400 to this day.

He’s recently conducted a number of interviews for AirTV, including one with playwright Willie Russell,

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Check out Tim’s interview with Lew here on AirTV

• View his complete profile | Find Lew on Facebook | Follow on Lew on Twitter @lewstringer

• Tim Quinn is online at mightyquinnmanagement.comBuy his biography Argh! here from Miwk Publishing

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