Alan Grant and Tony Luke reunited for top secret ‘Project X’

A sneek peek at some of the art from 'Project X'. Art © Tony Luke. Published with full permission

A sneek peek at some of the art from ‘Project X’. Art © Tony Luke. Published with full permission


Word has reached us of an exciting new ‘Project X’, from the minds of UK creators Alan Grant (Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Batman et al), Tony Luke (Dominator, Hellkatt, 2000AD), Yasushi Nirasawa (Phantom Core, Godzilla, Guillotina) and Les Garner of Well, all right, not just a word – an outline for an absolutely crazy comic story that I’m sure is going to be a hit, outrage a few certain folk in our little industry and will, very definitely, appeal to anyone who loved Alan and Tony’s original manga run on Dominator for Kodansha back in the 1990s

Obviously, in the cut throat world of comics and multimedia, the team don’t want to give the game away about their Project X by announcing the title and other details just yet. But I can reveal that it features heavy connections with some of the things these guys have done over the years, and that their story is based on some rather shocking real-life incidents.

Dominator, some readers may recall, started life in Metal Hammer magazine, and then enjoyed a hugely-successful run in Japan with over a million readers at one point, and which went on to become a now sadly unavailable movie (more info on that here on the Forgotten Junk site). So as you can imagine, anything these guys come up with is a project worth watching, despite Tony, a creator once told he had eight months to live, being pretty quiet in the comics field for a spell, for reasons I’m sure he’ll explain himself when we get to interview him.

“There’s some Special Guests involved too, and definitely isn’t what people may be expecting” he tells me, cryptically, before snapping a destruction bracelet to my neck which will explode if I say much more.

I’ve seen the outline, but I’m sworn to secrecy. But I can say it’s quite mental, without setting off explosives! Oh, and that the Dominator character is involved – but not in the way you’d be expecting…

Anyone got a hacksaw?

A website for the whole shebang will be up soon. But meanwhile, You can check out Tony’s work at or

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