Alliigator Descartes latest Crucible Comic 3D Model Revealed

Sylvana by Descartes

Sylvana by Descartes

Here’s the latest Crucible comic-inspired 3D model, based on the comic characters co-created by myself and Smuzz and designed by Smuzz, who many downthetubes readers will know as SMS, one of the artists who drew “ABC Warriors” for 2000AD.

Crucible started out in STRIP Magazine and we’re looking for a new publisher, and pages created so far appear on Tapastic where you can read it for free.

Crucible figures by Alligator Descartes, based on the character created by Smuzz and John Freeman for the comic strip Crucible

As I first mentioned back in May, the 3D models are the amazing work of Alligator Descartes and so far, he’s created our resident ‘non human’ Truug, cleric and devious schemer Zinagmy and now, Sylvana, all with plenty of input from Smuzz along the way.

We’re hugely impressed and amazed by the work that’s been put into these models and we hope you like them. Now we have to work out the best way of offering them to Crucible fans!

Smuzz has been working on new pages of the strip between paid work, but the next Crucible-related project to be released will be a three-part side story, written by Smuzz, pencilled by Mark Hetherington and inked by Richard Stone, what featured on the antics of a “cameo character” that captured their imaginations – Stripey. Here’s a taster…

Crucible: Adventures of Stripey - Promo

• More about Crucible project here 

• Read Crucible on Tapastic:

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