Andersonic 12 is Go!

The latest issue of the Gerry Anderson-inspired ‘zine Andersonic (Issue 12) is now available via the title’s website (and eBay for a short period) and features a new interview with former APF sculptor John Blundall in which he discusses his time working on series from Supercar up to Thunderbirds.

John discusses how he got involved in puppetry, working with Christine Glanville, Wolfgang Manthey and Mary Turner, his favourite creations and what went into designing characters such as Robert the Robot, Professor Matic and of course Parker.

Other features include:

  • Robin McDonald Interview – Century 21’s Clapper Loader/Focus Puller recalls his time working on series from Thunderbirds to Space:1999, working with alligators, Ed Bishop & Mike Billington and even The Sweeney and Terrahawks.
  • A Breath of Death – a look at an unfilmed Space:1999 script by Irving Gaynor Nieman.
  • Supermarionation Stamps – the Royal Mail’s special issue commemmorating 50 years of Supermarionation. With comment from artist Gerry Embleton
  • The Return of Victor Bergman – Robert Wood outlines the making of this touching fan-made short film.
  • Space:1999: The Last Sunset – Alpha’s finest are stranded on the lunar surface with only a corroding Eagle and a crazed Paul Morrow for company.
  • UFO: Destruction – Four writers give their view on Dennis Spooner’s sole contribution to UFO.
  • Fireball XL5: Space City Special – The Subterrains’ plan with Manchurian overtones…
  • Plus more of Joe 90 A-Z, a free competition to win a trip to Vostula and more!

The new issue comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers and is available via the website – price 2.25 including UK postage. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or PO, please get in touch for a postal address. All back issues are in print.

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