Andi Ewington’s “Overrun” project gets physical!

Overrun – a stunning comic described by Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver as “Tron meets Dawn of the Dead” – is finally being released as limited edition physical comic, complementing its availability as a digital edition for Apple devices and Kindle.

The amazing creation of the uber-talented team of Matt Woodley, Andi Ewington and Paul Green, Overrun is set in a city is at breaking point. Living space is running out. Those in power are forced to execute a desperate measure – introduce a poison to wipe out a huge part of the population.

This is no ordinary city, however. Overrun takes the reader into the heart of their own computer. Citizens are files. There are .xls business people, sexy spams and hip musician .mp4s. The space which is running out is memory – the poison a computer virus. Political intrigue and epic action scenes take place inside this lovingly crafted world as we follow a group of friends, forgotten computer game heroes, as they fight their way through the virus infection which is transforming their fellow citizens into memory sucking zombies.

Overrun Cover Set

Overrun is the brainchild of Andi Ewington whose work for Com.x – both BlueSpear and in particular the uniquely structured graphic novel Forty-Five – earned him much praise. Andi has worked as an acclaimed writer and designer as well as noted art director. He was chosen to co-write a prelaunch comic for one of the hottest games for 2014, Namco Bandai’s Dark Souls II as well as adapting and originating comic books (Six, Exmortis and Sunflower) for Michael Bay’s new comic book company, 451 Media group.

“We couldn’t find a publisher in the end, so we’re going it alone,” co-writerAndi told downthetubes. “We have great reviews and support from the likes of Forbidden Planet in the UK and Jet Pack in the US, both of whom have an exclusive distribution deal for the limited physical copy – we’re dropping it ‘Netflix Style’ all 4 at once. Our site has been updated – – and we have both iBook and Kindle versions which are ready and available online.

Art from Overrun Issue 1

Art from Overrun Issue 1

Matt Woodley and I have known each other for over 20 years,” says Andi of his writing partner in an interview for Comic Crusaders published last month. “We both met while working in the computer game industry and when I came up with the idea of Overrun, Matt was the only person I wanted working with me on it. Initially, I had the germ of the idea and discussed it with Matt, once he had heard the outline he was on-board. I wrote the first draft and then we sat down and carefully edited it together. Matt has a wicked sense of humour and we both bounced ideas around until we had Overrun nailed. There were many meetings and discussions where we would rip sections apart and I would rewrite whatever new scene we had agreed on. It was an easy process and one I look forward to sharing again post-Overrun.”

Overrun Part 2_4 - Page 3


Overrun Part 3_4 Page 5

Getting the book written sorted, it was then a matter of finding an artist. After losing Cosmo White to another project, Matt and Andi approached several candidates without much luck, but then they were put in touch with Paul Green thanks to Harry Markos, owner of Markosia. “After seeing his work on Flash Gordon, we knew Paul’s style would be a perfect fit for our script,” says Andi. “We ran a couple of test pages with Paul and both Matt and I immediately agreed we had found Overrun’s artist.

Overrun Part 4_4 Page 1

“Paul’s style captured the characters and locations of the universe, and he was a perfect match for the ‘computer as a real world setting’. With 114 pages of story this good, we needed some top lettering to put the icing on the cake – step forward tag-team duo, Troy Peteri and Joshua Cozine, who brought a fresh look to our dialogue and some outstanding special effects to the production.”

Overrun is a truly astonishing piece of comics work, as you can see from the sample art we’ve featured here. If you’ve been following Andi’s work that’s being publushed by 451, you really should head over to Jet Pack or Forbidden Planet (links below) and grab a hard copy of this amazing work.

• The extremely limited physical edition of Overrun is exclusively available from in the UK and in the US

Buy the box set of Overrun from Forbidden Planet here

• Buy the exclusive signed box set of Overrun from Forbidden Planet here


Read an interview with Andi about Overrun on Comic Crusaders

• Check out the official Overrun web site at | Follow Andi Ewington on Twitter @AndiEwington | Find Overrun on Facebook | YouTube

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