Are You Ready for your Demonic Irrigation? Pat Mills, Tony Skinner and Dave Kendall’s “PsychoKiller” is back in print

PsychoKiller - CoverHot on the heels of Carlos Ezquerra’s 2000AD & Judge Dredd Colouring BookPat Mills publishing imprint Millsverse has just released another new title – PsychoKiller, a collection of the strips that first appeared in the British weekly comic Toxic!, back in March 1991.

The comic, written by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, drawn by Dave Kendall, was the brainchild of a group of British creators: Pat Mills (Marshal Law), Kevin O’Neill (Marshal Law and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), John Wagner (Judge Dredd) and Alan Grant (Batman).

“It was a brilliant opportunity to try out new concepts and new artists,” Pat noted when  and PsychoKiller was released digitally on Comixology back in 2014.

“It was one of the very best stories to feature in it,” he added. “Dave Kendall is without doubt one of the finest horror artists in the business and here you see his debut strip that is grotesque, horrifying, funny and… strangely beautiful.”

So, are you ready for your demonic irrigation? Doctor Morbus, the PsychoKiller, will see you now. A Ouija board session to summon 1950s gangster Liquid Lenny goes horribly right. Lily the Fink starts acting weirder than usual. Mary Anne’s boyfriend is brutally murdered in his own bathroom, and she develops a sudden penchant for doo-wop music and beehive hairdo’s. Timid Jamie Anderson saw something that night. He knows Mary Anne needs urgent medical help. And there’s only one doctor qualified to give it…

Pat and Tony collaborated on “Finn”, “Accident Man” and 2000AD’s “ABC Warriors” and of course, Pat created 2000AD and co-created the characters Slaine, Nemesis The Warlock, ABC Warriors, Requiem Vampire Knight, and more. Tony has written Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099 and more.

Horror artist extraordinaire Dave Kendall has illustrated comics for the bands Metallica and Necroscope, and worked on World of Warcraft trading cards. He illustrated the Houses of the Holy for Madefire and co-created “Dreams of Deadworld“, a Dark Judges series, for 2000AD.

“Psycho Killer” appeared in Toxic! issues 12-14 & 26-29, 31 issues in total. It’s available to buy on – and here’s some sample pages…


PsychoKiller, written by Pat Mills, co-written with Tony Skinner, with superb fully painted artwork by Dave Kendall, is the first Millsverse digital title.

PsychoKiller, written by Pat Mills, co-written with Tony Skinner, with superb fully painted artwork by Dave Kendall, now available in print, was the first Millsverse digital title back in 2014.

PsychoKiller - Sample Page


PsychoKiller - Sample Page

PsychoKiller - Sample Page

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