Awesome Comics anthology Issue Three now on sale

Awesome Comics anthology Issue ThreeDebuting earlier this month, the third issue of The Awesome Comics anthology is on sale now from the same team who bring you the Awesome Comics Podcast.

The anthology title continues three distinct stories from the team – “Murder Road” by Vince Hunt (also known for The Red Mask From Mars) and the Sinister Horror Company’s Daniel Marc Chant, the story of a mysterious country road has some supernatural hazards; Soho Red turns from street fighter to robber in “Cockney Kung Fu” by Tony Esmond and Nick Prolix (The Sheep and the Wolves); and Sloane and Lopez’s investigation leads to a muscle bound gym brawl in “Vyper” by Dan Butcher (Vanguard).

The anthology kicked off with a great launch issue, and the team are well known for their independent comics-focused Awesome Comics Podcast, so why not give it a look?

Talking of ACP, in the latest edition (Episode 172) Ty Dunitz and Jenn Lee, the creators of the ongoing webcomic Rising Sand, join the the team to talk about their epic story, how it came to be and the process of world building. There’s also discussion about artwork, holofoil covers, brilliant new webcomics to discover and tons more great comic chatter.

The Awesome Comic is available digitally and in print from the Awesome Comics web shop here | Also available through Comichaus

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