Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 30: Dave White of Avery Hill Publishing

Awesome Comics Podast Episode 30: Dave White

Avery Hill Publishing are a small press publisher on the rise and Dave White, one of the brains behind it joins Vince Hunt, Tony Esmond and Dan Butcher to talk about how they came to be, how Factory Records influenced them, the brilliant (and award winning) books they’ve published so far and then makes some exciting announcements about upcoming books for 2016 (much to the joy of the Awesome Comics Podcast hosts). He also imparts some really useful technical knowledge for small press folks and we all learn a bit more… will wonders never cease?!

There’s also plenty of talk about some amazing books and webcomics you should check out, tons of events to go to over the next couple of months and so much more! Not only that, but the four gents discuss their love of Big Trouble in Little China, Dan is on top form in the name pronunciation game, Vince Hunt offers to dance in order to get a free book and Tony Esmond gives a shout out to an entire country.

It’s an episode so packed with comic book joy we couldn’t keep it within two hours, so strap in, get a cuppa and check it out now!

Mentioned in this episode are: Avery Hill PublishingDave White   Comic Printing UK, Katriona Chapman,  Grey AreaTim BirdReadsTillie Walden  I Love This PartElizabeth QuerstretWalks with Lulu, Retrofit, SequentialMatthew SwanParsley GirlClaire ScullyRachael SmithThe Land of LinesVictor HussenotGutter MagicIDWTurncoatComa Deep  Brigid DeaconOrbital Comics, TCAF, Singing Dragon Launch PartyTrue Believers Comic ConLondon Super Comic ConDunfermline Comic ConA Place to Hang Your CapePipedream ComicsDown the TubesThe Bad DoctorExit GenerationGuns of Shadow ValleyThe IncalMoebius

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