Beano Cluedo heads to stores in October

Launching in mid-October is the latest in the Beano Games collection: Beano Cluedo, featuring art by Nigel Parkinson.

Adapting the classic game in typical Beano style, in this version – and there have been many others – somone has pranked Teacher, and it’s each players mission to investigate and untangle the murder mystery to find out who it was, which prank was used, and where in the Bash Street School the atrocity unfolded.

Play as Dennis, Minnie, Toots, Roger, Billy Whizz or Angel Face and go from room to froom to find out WHODUNNIT? Was it Roger in the Gym Hall with the invisible ink or Angel Face in the Confiscatorium with the catapult?

Pre-Order Beano Cluedo from the DC Thomson Beano store and save 20% when you use the code MYSTERY

More versions for Cluedo on

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  1. Curious to know if this is a first? Apart from Cluedo Beano, I can’t think of any other murder-free version of the game?

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