Beano Top Trumps Released, joins massive line of new merchandise in time for Christmas

Beano Merchandise 2016

Beano Studios, the business behind the relaunch of the Beano comic as a global kids’ entertainment network, has launched an awesome new range of products featuring refreshed Beano designs, just in time for Christmas, including a newly-launched Beano Top Trumps game.

The collection, available through the online shop at (with some items on sale from other retailers), includes t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, stationery packs, games and accessories; perfect presents for the next generation of mischief makers this Christmas, along with the not-so-grown-up adults who love the iconic British brand.

The bold designs are available in three different product groups – Big Heads, Pranks and Classics. The Big Heads contemporary designs are packed with attitude, featuring some of Beano’s most beloved characters; Dennis, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx. The designs feature punchy repeat patterns and bold primary colours.

Dennis the Menace Beanie - Beano

Dennis the Menace Beanie

Make sure you wrap up this winter while showing off your menacing credentials in a Dennis the Menace beanie for just £12. At a loss for the perfect stocking filler? Look no further than the universal Beano phone case including interchangeable Dennis and Gnasher charms, with an RRP of only £10.

Beano Universal Phone Case

Why have Pop Art when you can have Prank Art? The Pranks products feature both apparel and accessories detailing iconic prank illustrations like pie-throwin’, spit-ballin’ and sling-shottin’. The use of words and noises encapsulates Beano’s irreverent humour, and anchors the products in the comic’s heritage.

The Beano water pistol notebook, priced at £12, is the perfect school accessory for any child with that mischievous streak.

Beano MonopolyChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas without board games with the family and the Beano Monopoly is a must have this festive season. It features all the favourite Beano characters and is available to preorder now for £34.99.

Beano Top Trumps

Beano Top Trumps – available now

Beano Top Trumps is also available now, priced at £6.99.Featuring 30 of your favourite Beano characters, revealing new and amazing details on their super powers and personalities, you can face off against friends and family to discover who’s the ultimate ruler of Beanotown!

Will Dennis menace all, or may Minnie user her hidden skills to take the crown? Perhaps Calamity James will get lucky, just this once, or maybe Gnasher can prove that every dog has his day? It’s anyone’s guess who will win…

Beano Calendar 2017

Also available now is the 2017 Beano Calendar, Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and the whole classic Beano Gang, published by Danilo. Mark up your Prank Days early!

Adult Beano fans haven’t been forgotten; the Classic range offers the perfect dose of nostalgia. While the classic designs echo the original Beano comic, there is a defined and sophisticated look that separates them from the kids range.

The adult tee’s featuring vintage Dennis designs will make grown men and women reminisce on their mischievous childhood memories, price at only £18.

Beano Annual 2017 - Slant

Books are a staple Christmas gift, making the refreshed Beano Annual the perfect option for this year. The Beano annual, which features a contemporary design and the brand new Beano logo, is a first edition and is available at all major book retailers, including supermarkets, toy shops and online, for an RRP of £7.99.

The Beano and the Dandy: Discover a Long Lost Hoard of Vintage Comic Gold...

The Beano and the Dandy: Discover a Long Lost Hoard of Vintage Comic Gold… – a gem of a vintage collection

(Other DC Thomson shops are in the shops now, too, including The Dandy annual 2017, even though the comic itslef hasn’t been published for some years. It’s a great read, but look out too for the The Beano and the Dandy: Discover a Long Lost Hoard of Vintage Comic Gold… – an absolute gem of a book collecting some terrific vintage strips from both Beano and The Dandy).

Beano 3864

The Christmas Beano is on sale now

Beano Christmas Special 2016

Plus, don’t forget the Christmas Beano itself is on sale now in all good newsagents and supermarkets until Tuesday, and this year’s Beano Christmas Special is still available from the same outlets (and the DC Thomson shop)!

• All products are currently available from and other retail outlets

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