Bears First! PM Buchan and Phillip Marsden parody General Election concerns

Bears First by PM Buchan and Phillip Marsden

Bears First! by PM Buchan and Phillip Marsden


From the pages of The Final BLACKOUT, Manchester-based PM Buchan‘s upcoming satirical horror-comedy anthology with co-creators Jack Fallows (Axolotl) and Phillip Marsden (Kerrang!), comes BKIP, illustrated by Phillip, the story about Teddy Bear’s struggle to survive in a world where migrant humans are undercutting good, honest, local bears.

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

A man with a love of the macabre and misanthropic, PM ‘Bucky’ Buchan, the creator of  BLACKOUT and La Belle Dame Sans Merci, is a specialist on the subject of comic-books and the British comics industry and has been a columnist for Starburst and graphic novel reviewer for The Times Literary Supplement.

Phillip Marsden is a British artist, illustrator and cartoonist based in Sydney, Australia. His clients include Kerrang!, NME, ELLE, Starburst, Inpress Books, New Writing North and Movember.

BLACKOUT is a 32-page, full-colour anthology packed with unrequited romance, booze, death-by-misadventure, necrophilia, cannibalism and suicide – and that’s just the first story. It features the work of P M Buchan, The Big Bang creator Jack Fallows and Kerrang! illustrator Phillip Marsden, with guest contributions by Andrew Waugh (Dodgem Logic), Mike Barnes (Cornelius Blow) and Harley Poe frontman Joe Whiteford.

If you enjoyed BKIP, ‘Bucky’ will soon be publishing the collected edition of his other major comic with Phillip, The Object of My Affection, of which Laura Sneddon (The GuardianThe Independent) said: “Underground comics are often unfairly dismissed as misogynistic male fantasy fodder, but it’s fair to say that the particularly disturbing and on point look at misogyny within Object of My Affection is both incredibly welcome and a resounding success. The objectification of women is deftly turned into a weapon against sexism, and a genuinely terrifying morality tale. Hurrah for progressive filth!”

• You can read the eight page strip in full on PM Buchan’s Tumblr

• PM Buchan’s web site is at | Follow him on Twitter @PMBuchan

• Phillip Marsden’s web site is at | Follow him on Twitter @philmarsden | Tumblr


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