Bellamy, Noble Art Up for Auction

Rare wartime Beanos and The Dandys and artwork by Frank Bellamy, Don Harley, Ken Reid, Mike Noble and Dudley Watkins form just part of the British section of the latest auction from London-based Comic Book Auctions.

While best known for his Thunderbirds art for the 1960s comic TV Century 21, Frank Bellamy also drew some Captain Scarlet pages and it is the cover of Issue 192 that features in this auction, offered with a copy of the self same issue of the comic.

Described as being in Poster paint on board measuring 15 x 11.5 inches, the lot is expected to fetch £550-650.

Also offered is another page from TV Century 21, this time from Fireball XL5 drawn by Mike Noble. The page is from what continues to be a popular story among TV21 fans, in which Steve Zodiac and crew face off the menace of what seem to be living snowmen, the page taken from Issue 38, published in 1965, Measuring 21 x 17 inches, the art is signed by Noble and expected to fetch anything up from £300.

The Dan Dare art on offer features work by Desmond Walduck for Eagle Volume 5, No 7 in which Vora, Blasco and The Rootha attack Dan’s rebel stronghold with their cosmic-ray armoured Black Cats. Another page, this time from Eagle Vol 12 No 30, is the scond page of the Dan Dare story for the issue published in 1961 by Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell, in which
Dan and Digby land on a strange platinum planet and have to run for their lives.

Deseperate Dan art by Dudley Watkins, Keyhole Kate original artwork drawn and initialled by Allan Morley for a 1949 issue of The Dandy, Clever Dick by Leo Baxendale and Faceache by Ken Reid are among the other art offerings, alongside a huge range of comic titles spanning decades of British comics history including issues of Lady Penelope, sister title to TV Century 21 (including a rare 1966 Lady Penelope Summer Extra), Champion (from 1922), a complete year of the 1928 editions of Film Fun in two bound volumes, starring Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and Mr E – Man Of Mystery, wartime issues of The Beano and The Dandy — rare finds, given that much paper was recycled for the war effort — and much more.

• Bids on lots will be accepted until Tuesday 10 March at 8.00pm GMT

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