Bionic Rabbits and Macc-Pow! There’s no stopping Marc Jackson

Bionic Battle Rabbit - Cover

Busy comic creator Marc Jackson has just launched his brand new, self-published totally goofy action/adventure comic, Bionic Battle Rabbit – and yes, it is as wacky as it sounds!

“It’s the story of Chester Hare a computer game designer,” says Marc, “Who, after spilling his coffee on his keyboard, ends up inside his own game! However all is not as it seems, as the world he now lives in, is filled with characters he never created, due to the fact the game was never completed!

“Think a cross between the Ninja Turtles and Adventure Time and you’ll be on the right page, the page marked ‘awesome’!

“I wanted to create my version of the original Turtles comics and cartoon show,” he says of the comic’s origins, “and that’s what inspired this character and as a homage to that, I’ve produced the comic in black and white. Just like the original self-published Turtles comics from Eastman and Laird back in the 1980’s.”

Macc Pow 2016 Poster by Marc Jackson

Not content with producing crazy comics, Marc is also involved in Macc-Pow!, the first mini (yet mighty) comic-art convention in Macclesfield on Sunday 26th June, celebrating comics and artists from around the world and embracing amazing local talent in a collision of comic-book coolness. Marc designed the event’s poster and more details about the event are here.

The one-day convention is part of the wider Barnaby Festival (in association with Creative Hero, Makers Place and Incubation Arts) and comes in conjunction with the arrival in town of the international Phono+Graphic exhibition, first seen at last year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival.


Phono+Graphic – the brainchild of and curated by comic artist Sean Phillips – showcases the versatility and talent of comic book artists who have created iconic record album covers, celebrating bands, music and art through 60 vinyl record covers by 60 artists.


• Bionic Battle Rabbit is available in a number of places in Marc’s hometown of Macclesfield, Cheshire, but those further afield can drop him an email at and order one direct, plus a free signed drawing! Check out Marc’s work at

• Phono+Graphic will be on display from 17th – 26th June 2016 at Charles Roe House 60-62 Chestergate SK11 6DZ.  More details of the Macclesfield exhibition here.



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