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Matthew Badham just sent me this link to ‘Nemesis Fleet‘, which he feels is perfect reading for anyone into comics/self-publishing comics.

It’s a blog for a comic in development by a cartoonist called Abigail Ryder, who describes herself as “a freelance artist in the UK, trying to get my damn comic finished!” (We’ve all been there, right?)

She’s looking to spread the word about her comic in development, tips on self-publishing and also for feedback about her work.

Talking of blogs, I’ve often bemoaned the lack of a coherent resource for British newspaper strips. 2000AD Online has dcoumented the various Judge Dredd strips, which ran in papers such as the Daily Star and Metro. There’s the brilliant Toonhound, and the University of Kent, home to the British Cartoon Archive, has some useful artist bios on its fabulous site: but there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of material out there on the strips themselves. Of course, newspapers are probably even more ephemeral than the print run of a popular comic: until recycling came along, the strips simply went in the bin or were used as firelighters, unless you were a compulsive collector like me who cut Jeff Hawke out of The Daily Express whenever I visited my Gran’s, or, later, Steve Bell’s If from The Guardian (collections I no longer have – I told you they were ephmeral).

Well anyway, I’ve come across a growing blog that redresses this lack, compiled by John Adcock. Yesterday’s Papers ( not only features information on the strips, but there’s also some great samples he dutifully cut from newspapers down the years and, unlike me, kept. It’s a welcome addition to the comics blogosphere.

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