New Characters for ROK Comics Creator Tool

Been busy last week with ROK Comics – several new faces have joined the beta and behind these scenes there’s some revamping going on that looks fantastic.

British creator Dave Windett (Simpsons Comics, Daffy Duck, The Dandy) has created another suite of ‘Freefall’ characters, objects and scenes for the site’s Creator Tool, which lets anyone create comic strips, even if they can’t draw!

Dave has designed original characters for a variety of publications in the past and provided illustrations for everything from magazines and websites to mobile phones, games, and even childrens shoes.

At the moment, he’s also busy converting some smashing pencil designs by Steve Bright into vector art for me, another suite of Freefall characters for the Creator Tool which should be added to the free service soon.

Dave is also uploading a humour strip The Wacky World of Animals, written by John Gatehouse, to ROK Comics, joining creators as diverse as Vince ‘El Profe’ Aviles from Puerto Rico, David ‘Trek Life’ Reddick, Steve ‘Madd Science’ English, Chris ‘Mauretania’ Reynolds and several other early adopters.

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