Breaking into comics – 2000AD’s David Bishop speaks

2000AD Prog 980 - David's first issue as editor

2000AD Prog 980 – David’s first issue as editor

Former 2000AD editor David Bishop recently posted a revealing interview outlining how he broke into comics and thoughts on how to get work in the industry on his Vicious Imagery blog.

As usual, he’s very candid about his work, which includes this comment on the shock of working on 2000AD as its editor, having been about to leave Fleetway for pastures new when the position was offered him.

“I had been gagging to get my grubby mitts on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and was determined to reverse what I saw as the failings of my predecessors, so I stuck around and became Tharg on December 18, 1995,” he reveals. “I quickly discovered how tough editing 2000AD really is and gained a newfound respect for my predecessors.

“It’s very easy to snipe at whomever is Tharg and criticise their choices, but until you’ve sat in the big chair you have no idea how tough that job is,” he admits with hindsight. “It’s a bit of a bastard, frankly.”

Bishop feels it’s easier for artists to break into the business than writers but makes some salient points about how to do it despite “bugger all money” for doing so (his words, not mine). Fascinating stuff.

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