Brit indie announces Thief-Taker General

British independent comics line Storm Comics (, the brainchild of writer and artist Michael Crouch, was launched last May with a one-off sci-fi comic, Afterlife. Although interest has been good, judging by feedback from readers, sales have been slow.

Not one to be discouraged, Michael has now followed that first title with the first issue of second, two-issue comic: Thief-Taker General. “The mission is to produce good stories, well told,” says Michael.

Thief-Taker General is based on true characters and events in early 18th century London, centering on self-proclaimed Thief-Taker General, Jonathan Wild. But the thief-taker was also a thief-maker and had himself quite a little empire running on both sides of what passed for law. Pitted against the greatest escapologist of his age, or possibly of any age, who will prevail?

Jonathan Wild and his double-standards of law-and-order were first introduced to indie press fans in a four-page tie-in strip, Stolen Goods, published in the pages of Temple APA #1, still available via the Temple’s web forum (

Both Afterlife and Thief-Taker General #1 are written and drawn by Michael Crouch. Comprising 32 B&W pages comics with colour covers they retail at £2.25 each.

The second issue of Thief-Taker General is already underway and due for release in the first half of 2009.

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