British Comic Conventions making their return at last

Cornwall Comic and Gaming Festival TRURO

While COVID-19 impacted every physical comic event in the UK, and internationally, throughout 2020 and 2021, the good news is that 2022 is beginning to look much more positive, with dates now being firmed up for many gatherings.

We’ve just updated our “Rolling Events” page of British and Irish gatherings, and there’s already plenty of things lined up for you to check out for next year, and over the rest of 2021.

Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet with the pandemic, and it does appears that some long-standing events may not return, their web sites either no longer existent and their social media presence, sadly not updated for many months.

But news of the return of events like Lawless to Bristol, and the big London comic gatherings, too, does rather perk us up here at downthetubes, despite the best efforts of many to continue the fun online when we couldn’t meet in public!

Some organisations running events are, of course, sensibly, emphasising they will proceed only subject to restrictions and will be enforcing any social distancing measures if they are still in place. (It is highly possible that mask wearing, for example, will be requested in indoor areas, and it is still in force in some parts of the UK).

As ever, thank you to everyone who has supplied information and apologies if we haven’t added your event yet. Please do also check out our Events News and Exhibition News news streams.

As ever, information about events from event organisers is welcome: here’s how to contact us. Please do not assume we will see a convention announcement on Facebook, Twitter or other social media!

UK and Irish Comic Conventions, Exhibitions – Rolling List

If you don’t see your date added to this list, please re-send the information as it’s entirely possible, given the huge amount of email received, that we’ve missed it first time around – sorry!

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