Garth – Story 07 – The Quest of the G-Ray

Garth - The Quest of the G-Ray

The Quest of the G-Ray
Writer: Don Freeman
Artist: Stephen Dowling & Dick Hailstone
Published: 21st October 1946 – 26th April 1947 (E250 – F99)
Number of Episodes: 159

British Intelligence tells Garth that a Russian scientist, Oscar Villani, has established a scientific citadel behind an energy barrier in a remote area of India. He is working on applications of the same electro-magnetic energy suffusing Garth (the “G-Ray”) to threaten the world. Only Garth can penetrate the energy barrier. Lumiere puts Dawn in a Finishing School and accompanies Garth on his mission to neutralise Villani. Captain Stark, a double agent (working for Villani), captures Dawn fleeing the Finishing School and learns of Garth’s mission. Posing as a British agent, he accompanies them, with Dawn disguised as Ali, his Indian boy servant/

Stark plans to overpower Garth and deliver him to Villani so he can learn from him the secret of his G-Ray powers. Stark’s brutality to Dawn causes her to reveal Stark’s treachery, but Stark succeeds in shooting and wounding Lumiere and trapping Garth in a deep animal-trap pit.

Then, unexpectedly, enter Karen, engaged on the same mission as Garth, but working for the Russians. After aiding Lumiere to recover and then rescuing Garth from the pit, she joins forces with him. Stark is killed, but Dawn is captured by Villani.

Posing as a defector willing to assist him, Karen gains Villani’s confidence. She learns that he has built the Brain, a fantastic electronic computer, with which he is able to keep the superstitious locals in subjection. Garth penetrates the citadel to rescue Dawn. Expecting his attack, Villani has programmed the Brain to hate and destroy Garth by projecting deadly G-Rays – only to get in its line of fire and be destroyed himself.

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Synopsis by Philip Harbottle

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