Bryan Talbot DVD documentary to be released in May

Bryan Talbot: Graphic Novel Man
A new DVD – The Graphic Novel Man: the Comics of Bryan Talbot – is to be released in May, offering a unique insight into the life and work of one of Britain’s pioneering comic creators.

Internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning writer/artist Bryan Talbot has been described as “a dazzling and tireless exponent of the comic art form” for his work on projects ranging from the multiverse adventures of Luther Arkwright to his latest anthropomorphic tale, Grandville, which continues later this year with the release of Grandville: Noel.

This Digital Story Engine DVD presentation has unprecedented access to behind the scenes material and personal stories, providing what’s being described as “the definitive Bryan Talbot experience for established fans and first time readers.”

The Graphic Novel Man traces not only the life and career of the great artist/writer, but explores the talent and passion that have made Bryan Talbot one of the world’s most influential comic creators.

Bryan emerged in the mid-1970s as a major force in British Underground Comix scene with The Adventures of Luther Arkwright – the first UK graphic novel. His work on Batman, 2000AD, Sandman and Hellblazer, laid the creative foundations for his groundbreaking The Tale of One Bad Rat and the ‘dream documentary’ Alice in Sunderland.

Writing pictures and drawing words focuses on Bryan’s unique approach to creating comics. The essential comic crafts of scripting, layout, pencilling, inking, colouring and lettering are all discussed and lavishly illustrated in the context of Bryan’s career spanning multi-award winning comics and graphic novels with additional expert contributions from other best selling comic artists and writers.

Bryan’s innovative collaboration with his wife Mary Talbot, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, won the 2013 Costa Biography Award. His maverick approach to expanding the boundaries of sequential storytelling continues in the best selling Grandville series of anthropomorphic Steam Punk detective thrillers – hailed as Rupert the Bear meets Quentin Tarantino!

Special guests include: Neil Gaiman, Joe Sacco, Warren Ellis, Gilbert Shelton, Ian Rankin, Kim Newman, David Lloyd, Pat Mills, John Wagner, Charlie Adlard, Carlos Ezquerra, D’Israeli, Doug Braithwaite, Andy Diggle, Simon Fraser, Al Davison, Mary Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Paul Gravett, Mark Stafford, Professor Henry Jenkins, Dr. Mel Gibson, Lee Harris, Dan Charnley, Richard ‘Chester’ West, and Jordan Smith – and with an introduction by Michael Moorcock.

• Produced by: Digital Story Engine, The Graphic Novel Man: the Comics of Bryan Talbot, a 150 minute length DVD (approximately), will be released on 12th May, price £15.99. More info:

* Digital Story Engine:


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