Tripwire Digital interviews Ian Rankin, Maria Paz Cabardo

Tripwire Digital EditionThe comics, film and TV magazine Tripwire , published by Joel Meadows, has moved from print into digital with the launch new app edition.

Until 2011, Tripwire ran as a once a year print title costing £9.99 – and following a two-year gap a 21st anniversary edition was released in May 2013.

The new app,  Tripwire Digital, is designed for tablets and inclides streaming audio as well as 70 pages of content.

“We were looking at a means of keeping Tripwire out there on a regular basis and utilising new formats,” says Editor-in-chief Joel, “and a digital app seemed to be the obvious route to achieve this.”

Tripwire digital will be published every two months and each edition will cost £1.99 from iTunes, with two free samples available.

Tripwire‘s fans include fantasy author Michael Moorcock who said: “Tripwire really is a breath of fresh air. Its layouts are superb, with great well-written features perfectly set off by the pictures, adding clarity and intelligence to every page. And it keeps on doing it. Amazing, gratifying. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to read..”

The first digital issue sets out the title’s stall, using a combination of print, images and streaming audio to deliver over 70 pages of content for your tablet, including:

  • Joel Meadows discussing whether the glut of mainstream superhero films has been detrimental to the quality of Hollywood productions.
  • Bestselling author Ian Rankin talking about his nineteenth Rebus book Saints of the Shadow Bible.
  • Jack Ryder asking “What’s Wrong with ABC’s Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?”
  • Maria Paz Cabardo, director of the much-admired documentary Better Things: The Life and Art of Jeffery Catherine Jones, talking about her work and the difficulties of making a film on your own.
  • Digital commentator Cory Doctorow chatting to a digital TRIPWIRE!
  • Thomas Peak discussing keeping the legacy of his father, movie poster illustrator Bob Peak, alive and publishing The Art of Bob Peak.
  • Andy Suriano previewing the new Samurai Jack comic from IDW Publishing
  • The TRIPWIRE Digital team reviewing graphic novels, new fiction, and blu-rays in On The Shelf.


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