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Alice in Sunderland artist Bryan Talbot will be signing with Steve Dillon at Books Etc., 421 Oxford Street, London on Saturday 14 June at 2.00pm. More info at 0207 495 8507.

He and Mark Stafford have also been talking with James DeCarteret about their graphic novel Cherubs! in a podcast with Bryan and Mark. Released last year by Desperado Publishing, Cherubs! is described as “a totally irreverent, fast-paced supernatural comedy-adventure that’s heaven-sent and hell-bent!

“Put in the frame for the first murder in Heaven, the outrageous celestial rugrats chase the renegade archangel Abbadon to New York on the eve of the Apocalypse! Befriended by Mary, an exotic dancer, and pursued by unstoppable Seraphim terminators, they join battle with Frankie Dracula and his vampire horde as the Devil prepares to stalk the earth once more! Demons! Vampire Hunters! Fairy hookers! Fart jokes! What more could you possibly want?”

Bryan has several other appearances coming up: he’s speaking with Paul Gravett and Hannah Berry at The Ipswich Literary Festival Tuesday on 1st July and with Alan Grant at the Edinburgh International Book Festival at 8.30 on Friday 22nd August. He will also be signing and sketching at The San Diego Comicon 24 -27th July.

He’s recently been regaling fans with crazy stories about comics over on the Quality Communications Yahoo Group from his brilliant book The Naked Artist, released last year. Well worth signing up: it’s well moderated by group controller Dez Skinn of Warrior fame.

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