Buzz Comic Launches Soon

Buzz Comic – a web site described by its creators as “a kind of YouTube for comics people”, offering space to promote comics and advice on creating them, should be ready for a beta launch on Monday 19th July.

The idea of BuzzComic is to enable comic creators to upload your comic pages, which can be just teasers of your published work or stuff you are experimenting with. When the site goes live, the stories can be favourited and commented on (anyone can favourite, even non members but comments are limited to those with paid accounts so that there is more quality and integrity to the site).

One of the main ideas of the site is that it will act as a natural market research tool as the popularity of any story or genre will become clear as the top favourited stuff gets pushed to the top.

The site will also include a library of tutorials teaching graphic novel and comic making which the site’s editor hope to build on over time. Currently Bryan Talbot, Kev F Sutherland and Warren Pleece feature. will now be open to all comic/graphic novel genres, so it is no longer aimed at children only as was originally planned.

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