Call for Contributions: Comics and Art History

A Call for Contributions for a collected volume on Comics and Art History was recently announced by editors Ian Horton and Maggie Gray, who are currently in discussions with a major academic publisher about this project.

"Art History" by Grant Snider

“Art History” by New Yorker cartoonist Grant Snider

This volume will re-examine the history of comics scholarship by art historians (informed by traditions of stylistic analysis, iconology and the social history of art), before mapping the contemporary and future applications of art historical methodologies in the field.

In doing so, it will not only ask what Art History can offer comics scholars, but also conversely, what the study of comics demands of Art History, particularly in challenging its fundamental categories (art, the canon, quality, value, autonomy, authorship, style, and form).

It aims to both provide models for adopting art historical approaches in comics scholarship on the basis of existing academic work, and to provoke further exploration of comics from diverse art historical perspectives.

Scholars from any disciplinary background are invited to contribute chapters of 5000 words, based on a recent or ongoing piece of comics research they have undertaken which has been informed by a specific art historical approach.

• The Deadline for Proposals 7th February 2020. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like any further information: and

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