Eco Kids Planet’s ‘Britain’s Amazing Islands’ issue out now

The seaweed-eating sheep of North Ronaldsay! The car crash-causing wallabies of the Isle of Man! Just two topics writer JD Savage has covered for Eco Kids Planet‘s ‘Britain’s Amazing Islands‘ issue.

Eco Kids Planet's 'Britain's Amazing Islands'

“Britain is an island, but has nearly 6,000 of its own islands, hosting great wildlife from scorpions (10,000 in a brick wall on Sheppey) to hairy snails,” he says.

“I also write about the ‘Great Orkney Vole Mystery’, the secret islands of the River Thames, and freaky island folklore – from roof-ripping boggarts to the Shetlands’ friendly werewolves, and lots more.”

The magazine also includes a full page strip, “Amelia the Fox“, by London-based writer and illustrator Richy K. Chandler, who’s also the author of You Make Your Parents Super Happy!, When Are You Going to Get a Proper Job? and Lucy The Octopus.

A panel from a recent episode of “Amelia the Fox” by Richy K. Chandler

A panel from a recent episode of “Amelia the Fox” by Richy K. Chandler

Eco Kids Planet is a magazine aimed at nature-loving kids aged 7 – 11, which has won the Parents’ Choice Gold award for two years running.

A series of colourful and informative kids’ nature magazines, Eco Kids Planet aims to introduce children to the wonders of nature, and encourage them to protect their planet.

• Here’s where you can order Eco Kids Planet and read a sample issue: | Follow Eco Kids on Twitter @EcoKidsPlanet

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