Can DFC Readers Save Their Comic?

Save The DFCA group of readers of the Random House subscription-only comic The DFC are trying to raise funds to stage a ‘subscriber’ buy-out of the title and have launched a blog to chart the progress of the campaign at:

If you would like to pledge a sum to take part in the buy out please click on the blog’s pledgling links to send them an email indicating the amount you would be happy to pledge.

Save The DGC is a wholly independent bid to create a subscriber take-over / buy out of the amazing DFC weekly comic for kids,” explains architect Barnaby Gunning, who is heading up the campaign, who, along with his kids, think it would be a real shame to lose the comic.

“Our aim is to build up enough pledges to be able to buy The DFC title from Random House and support it for the next 12 months.

“We are not looking for any money unless we manage to raise sufficient pledges,” adds Barnaby. “We will not divulge any emails to third parties, or use your email address for anything other than confirming your pledge and keeping you informed of progress.”

• Whether you’re a subscriber or not, this is a brave effort on the part of its loyal fans: for more information visit:

• For more information, visit the blog or call Barnaby on 07779107365

• If you want to ctach up with some of the creators of The DFC strips, here’s some links: Neill Cameron (Mo-Bot High), Jim Medway (Crab Lane Crew), Dave Shelton (Good Dog, Bad Dog), Sarah McIntyre (Vern and Lettuce), Jamie Smart (Fish-Head Steve), The Etherington Brothers (Monkey Nuts), Jason Cobley (Frontier), John Welding (Will Scoggin’s Skull), James Turner (Super Animal Adventure Squad), Wilbur Dawbarn (Bodkin and the Bear), Laura Howell (The Mighty M), Kate Brown (Spider Moon), Gary Northfield [Little Cutie] and Simone Lia [Sausage and Carrots]

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