Caption readies for another great event

The annual small and indie press event Caption takes place 18th – 19th August 2012 in Oxford.

Oxford’s annual small-press comics convention is a unique, friendly event that brings comics creators, manga artists, comic-book readers and professionals together to mingle and discuss their work. With a huge number of comic creators set to drop by, it’s a great event for people interested in our lively independent scene, and, if you’re a creator, a greta place to pick up tips and tricks on not only but producing but also marketing your work.

Guests include Darryl Cunningham, creator of Psychiactric Tales and Science Tales  and Nicola Streeten, creator of Billy, Me, & You and co-creator (with artist Sarah Lightman) of Laydeez do Comics, a graphic novel forum with a focus on the new wave of comic work (‘more domestic than superheroes’) based on the drama of everyday life.

Check out the official web site for more info, and for exclusive CAPTION podcasts, the first online now (recorded in 2010) in which, Paul Gravett discusses webcomics with a variety of young creators including P.J. Holden, Liz Lunney, Tim Winchester, Philipa Rice, Sydney Padua and David O’Connell, whose work varies from cardboard cutouts to historical fiction. 

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