CD Comics latest title set to scare!

The latest CDComics release – EYAM: The Plague Village UFO Mystery – is now on sale, with a title that conjures images of Gerry Anderson’s UFO and Hammer Horror, all rolled into one.

In September 1665 the village of Eyam, South-West of Sheffield suffered an outbreak of plague and during the following fourteen months it killed almost two thirds of the population.

Eyam: The Plague Village UFO Mystery is set exactly 300 years after the original plague outbreak, and opens with UFOs being tracked on radar over the village.

“Like lots of kids from Sheffield, I visited Eyam, the plague village on a school trip and found it really interesting,” explains creator Craig Daley, who has now released a number of his projects on CD. “Then, more recently, I read about the unbelievably titled “Flying Saucer Working Party” that was set up by the Ministry of Defence in 1950 and the idea for this story just jumped out.”

MI6 dispatch their top agent, Richard Hannay and due to the extraterrestrial nature of the mystery they also send for Thomas Carnacki, a private investigator whose speciality is the paranormal. Miss Emma Dodgson, an Oxford, Mathematics and Science graduate is Carnacki’s assistant and the three investigators are faced with an unexplained abduction on a massive scale. The comic tells the story of their combined investigation as history, science and aliens clash in 1965 when the entire population of Eyam disappears.

“The mystery concludes in issue two of Carnacki & Hannay, Eyam: The UFO Mystery Solved,” says Craig, “when the investigation shifts to Sheffield. This second comic is due for release in November 2012.

“It’s sort of South Yorkshire X-Files,” says Craig, “with the Eyam plague of 1665 replacing Roswell and you’ll find out in issue two if Sheffield is England’s Area 51!”

• The CDrom of Eyam: The Plague Village UFO Mystery includes both JPEG and PDF formats of the 37 page full colour comic and is on sale now, priced £2.50 and is available from Sheffield Space Center on the Wicker, Rare and Racey on Devonshire Green, Broomhill’s Galaxy 4 and Record Collector, The Funhouse, Woodseats and the Blackwells on Mappin Street.

The comic is also available to download from Amazon for Kindle, iPhone, iPad and other digital formats.

• All previous CDComic titles are also available at the Sheffield Shops listed above and on Amazon at

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