Cesar to release Judge Dredd costume, ideal for would-be vigilantes

The new Judge Dredd costume
from Cesar. Solid helmet and
Lawgiver not included!

Costumed vigilante “The Statesman” may be gaining press coverage battling intoxicated baddies and wannabe burglars on the streets of Birmingham, as reported by papers such as the Daily Mail and the Sunday Mercury. But now the real law is coming, and you can patrol your local neighbourhood in the guise of the country’s most famous future cop thanks to a new Judge Dredd costume from Cesar, available later this year.

The costume gives you everything you need to get into full law-giving character – a full body jumpsuit with muscle padding, plus utility belt with pockets for your phone and money, knee and elbow pads, detailed shoulder and eagle pads, boot covers, gloves and a shiny PVC helmet.

“You see people dressed in lots of ‘superhero’ costumes but now everyone can be the lawman of the future, Judge Dredd,” enthuses 2000AD Matt Smith (aka Tharg, although we’ve never seen Matt dressed as old green bonce). “The helmet and shoulder pads make up one of the most iconic costumes in comic books, right up there with Superman’s cape and Batman’s cowl.

“Dredd is a uniquely British blend of satire, hyper-violence and action that has made him such an icon and a byword for the stern application of the law.

“What’s certain is that he is the original British comic book hero – vigilantes spandex-clad superheroes had best beware as the judges take to the streets later this year!”

 Commenting on the new costume, Judge Dredd said: “Impersonating a judge is an offence, punk! Around these parts, I’M the law – 30 years in the iso-cubes, creep!”

Various newspapers, including The Sun, reported how Scott Cooke was patrolling the streets of Birmingham as The Statesman, a masked real-life ‘Kick Ass’-inspired vigilante. The Sunday Mercury noted that despite his bravado, the 26-year-old failed to stop failed to stop 99 crimes in his own neighbourhood in the last month alone… plenty for would-be Judge Dredds to deal with, then.

• More Judge Dredd craziness over at www.2000adonline.com

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