Comics Grid web blog on the move

The Comics Grid, a collaborative, peer-edited and authored blog dedicated to comics scholarshiphas moved its website to

Although the main focus of  the Comics Grid is on the analysis of specific comics page layouts and panels, the site also covers academic events and publications through their twitter account (@comicsgrid). So far, they’ve published posts on works by Charles Schulz, Art Spiegelman, Brecht Evens, Cameron Stewart, Frank King, Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz, Chris Ware, Jerry Moriarty and Joe Sacco.

Site editor Greice Schneider, from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, has also extended an  invitation to people who might wish to contribute with a short page analysis.

“Our blog’s aim is to function as an online laboratory where different critical approaches to comics are publicly and collectively put to test,” says Greice. “It would be great to have a sample of a variety of methodologies, comics traditions and international perspectives. Besides promoting discussion on comics studies, we believe this short format of collaborative lab also works as an effective means of giving a taste of specific research projects, redirecting a specialized audience towards it.”

Earlier this week, the Grid published its first external contribution by Nina Mickwitz from the University of East Anglia, analysing a page by Joe Sacco.

• If you’re interested in contributing, please email us to comicsgrid AT gmail DOT com with some information about your work and how you could contribute.

Google Map of Comics Grid Contributors

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