Chris Weston’s Treasury of British Comics SMASH! Special cover revealed

SMASH! Special 2020 - Cover

The latest Previews catalogue from Diamond Distributors listing upcoming titles available to order from comic shops features Chris Weston‘s cover to the all-new SMASH! Special that’s out in May in UK newsagents, and 10th June 2020 in comic stores.

Just like other Specials being released this year by Rebellion, which we most recently detailed here, SMASH! will revive more classic British comic characters now owned by the 2000AD publisher under its Treasury of British Comics imprint.

Brand new action adventure stories featuring some of the most popular British superheroes will feature in this 68-page title.

A "warm up" sketch of The Spider by John McCrea, who's working on a new strip featuring the Lion star

A “warm up” sketch of The Spider by John McCrea, who’s working on a new strip featuring the Lion star

These include “The Steel Claw” by Charlie Higson and Charlie Adlard, “The Spider” written by Rob Williams and drawn by John McCrea, “Mytek the Mighty” by Suyi Davies Okungbowa, “Johnny Future” drawn by Tom Raney, “House of Dolman” by Simon Furman and Davi Go, “Thunderbolt” by Helen O’Hara, and “Cursitor Doom” by Maura McHugh and Andreas Butzbach.

Those who remember the original SMASH! have of course noted that, apart from Cursitor Doom, who featured in the early issues of the second series of Smash! in 1969, none of the other characters in the Special’s line-up featured in it, stars instead of the weekly boys comics Lion, Valiant and Fantastic.

But the title name serves as a great umbrella brand for these revived classics, written and drawn by some great talents. I’m looking forward to it!

Pre-order the SMASH! Special from your local comic shop

• All the 2020 Treasury of British Comics Specials will all be available from all good newsagents and comic book stores – and all the 2020 specials are also available to pre-order as a special £59.99 subscription bundle from the 2000AD webshop, which includes 20% off and with an exclusive bagged reproduction of the infamous ‘banned’ issue of Action from October 1976

Our most recent guide to upcoming Books, Collections and Specials from Rebellion is here

With thanks to Lew Stringer – article updated to note Cursitor Doom’s appearance in later Cursitor Doom featured in early issues of the second series of Smash! in 1969

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  1. Hi John, Cursitor Doom featured in the early issues of the second series of Smash! in 1969 so at least that’s one character from the original run. All in all it looks like a great line up. I really hope it sells well. That cover certainly grabs the attention! Incidentally, the new logo is a revamped version of the one that appeared on the very last Smash! Annual (1976), which was the last time a Smash! title appeared in the shops, so that’s appropriate.

    • Thanks Lew – I’ve amended the story to note the appearance of Cursitor Doom. I’m really looking forward to this, and the other Specials from Rebellion this year. Perhaps there’s some experimentation going on to see what title sells best, ahead of a new regular title? We can dream!

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