Classic 1980s ‘Block Mania’ limited edition game reprint announced, on sale from 12 noon today

Rebellion Unplugged "Block Mania" Limited Edition Game -2020

The hit game of the 1980s – Block Mania, the concept plucked straight from the pages of 2000AD with box art by the late Brett Ewins – is back with a brand new edition from Rebellion Unplugged.

This limited-edition replica printing will be available from from 12 noon today, Friday 27th November 2020 and to retail from Asmodee UK.

This is a limited edition re-issue of the classic board game based on the world of Judge Dredd – as well as the Mega-Mania expansion set, featuring the Happy Hour expansion. The release brings the classic work of Space Hulk designer Richard Halliwell back to print for the first time in decades.

Rebellion Unplugged "Block Mania" Limited Edition Game -2020

Block Mania is the classic two-player game of manic destruction in Mega-City One, home to Judge Dredd. Each player controls the citizens of an entire Mega-City block, as they attempt to destroy the block next door – or at least do it a lot of damage before the Judges arrive!

Relive the chaos of hives soaring in bat-suits; hungry alien Kleggs commandeering Sky-Rail cars; and City-Def forces infiltrating the neighbouring block to blow it to smithereens, before the Judges unleash the riot foam to shut you down!

Rebellion Unplugged "Block Mania" Limited Edition Game -2020

Rebellion Unplugged is the tabletop game and collectibles division of Rebellion – one of Europe’s largest independent creative studios. It oversees development of tabletop projects for Rebellion’s wide range of intellectual properties, from the sci-fi universes of Judge Dredd and Evil Genius, to the war stories of Sniper Elite and Charley’s War.

• This limited-edition replica printing of Block Mania, costs £30 bought direct is available from and to retail from Asmodee UK


Each box contains:

• Two different, full-colour game boards – each depicting an entire Mega-City block.
• 180 counters representing the Citizens, weapons and equipment of the blocks, as well as damage, collapse and fire markers.
• A deck of 54 full-colour, double-sided playing cards, used to play numerous dirty tricks during the game. When the last card is played the quick fire endgame begins as the Judges arrive.
• A detailed, comprehensive rulebook with extensive diagrams, examples of play and players’ notes giving tips on strategy and tactics.
• A handy Blockers’ Manual telling players all about how to use the multitude of citizens, weapons, hardware and instruments of total destruction in the game.
• And, of course, two six-sided dice!

Mega-Mania expands Block Mania with additional counters and two new boards, allowing up to four players to join in the chaos at once.

And for the first time the Happy Hour expansion is also included, adding Robo-Dogs, Sucker Guns and Trip Mines to the fray!

• This limited-edition replica printing of Block Mania, costs £30 bought direct is available from and to retail from Asmodee UK

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