Comic artist John Watson makes his fantasy novel debut, as author

Marvel, DC and Dynamite artist JG Watson has published his first fantasy novel, The Generations: Origins – available now from a range of web sites.

The Generation: Origins by JG Watson (John Watson) Cover Only

The Generation: Origins blends fantasy elements with historical and political intrigue in an an exciting and imaginative story about friendship, growing up and letting go. Set in two markedly different times, the 1550s and the 1980s, find out what connects them and why it matters to everyone on Earth…

In 16th century London, Matthew Talbot and his three closest friends continue a decades long search for the Letum, a nightmarish figure responsible for the death of their parents. Meanwhile, in 20th century Blackpool, Henry Williams battles with talking to girls, free school meals, and which comic books to read next, unaware that a sudden death at the swimming pool will entangle him in a series of events that began a millennium ago. What connects them? Who is Duke Sherwood? What is the Letum? 

The Generation: Origins is a centuries-spanning story that shows friendship can survive in the most unlikely places.

JG Watson, who lives and works in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, has worked as a professional artist and illustrator for over 20 years across several industries, including critically acclaimed covers for Marvel (X-Men, Civil War: Frontline, Son of M) and DC Comics (JSA, Hawkman) as John Watson.

Swapping his brush and oils for pen and paper, Watson’s talent for mixing visual detail, childhood wonder and historical accuracy brings to life his written characters, just as it did comic book superheroes.

Over on his blog, John reveals he started the novel some seven years ago.

“Over the last year, the book has been edited professionally [by Rob Rundle] which, in my opinion, is an important part of the process,” he says. “Since May, I’ve been ordering revised proof copies. The last issue with the book was that the cover art looked like it’d been filtered through a pair of tights!”

But now, it’s out there, published through Lulu and available through other web sites, too, including AmazonUK.

If possible, I’d like people to buy it through Lulu,” John asks. “No, it doesn’t have one-click shopping or free postage, but I get eight times the money if someone buys it from Lulu instead of the more convenient online companies. It’s a fair chunk of revenue.”

Since we first posted this item, John reports some are having problems ordering from Lulu, so AmazonUK may be a better option.

While publishing his first novel is a major step, John has pushed on with continuing the story, regardless of initial sales.

“Book Two, The Generation: A New England (working title, it may change, but I quite like it) is a longer, more complicated book,” he teases. “There are also more characters who have their own first person chapters (without checking, I believe there are ten). I can’t really say anymore as there are too many spoilers!”

Buy The Generations: Origins by JG Watson here from Lulu (preferred sales route)

If the Lulu option is proving problematic, buy The Generations: Origins by JG Watson here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

John Watson is online at

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