British Comics-related Calendars for 2022 (and a few on the side!)

There are a huge number of comic-related calendars out there as possible Christmas gifts, and some of them feature characters with a presence on UK news stands or in book shops.

All links below are mainly affiliate linked to AmazonUK – using these helps support downthetubes, thank you. But you should be able to find many of these listed in book shops or pop up Calendar Club shops. I’ve focused on Wall Calendars here, but many characters also feature on desk calendars and more.

US publishers Marvel and DC have numerous options available, of course, too, including the Official Marvel 2022 Wall Calendar and DC Comics Official 2022 Square Wall Calendar. Both are likely to be popular.

DC Comics Official 2022 Square Wall Calendar Gift Present with Organising Stickers
Official Marvel 2022 Wall Calendar

The independently-published Adventure Bear Cartoon 2022 Calendar features Rupert Bear, but it’s unclear if this is an official release; strangely, it features under two separate ISBNs on AmazonUK.

Adventure Bear Cartoon 2022 Calendar featuring Rupert Bear
Adventure Bear Cartoon 2022 Calendar featuring Rupert Bear

You may prefer to go with the Rupert Bear Wall Calendar 2022, from Flame Tree Calendars, which looks much more impressive – and traditional.

Rupert Bear Wall Calendar 2022

This calendar is a collection of the front covers and illustrations of Rupert Annuals over the years and features Rupert and friends on a variety of magical and exciting adventures. Flame Tree also publish calendars featuring the work of artist LS Lowry, a Dundee Heritage Wall Calendar, Spitfires and many more, including a smashing Spike Milligan Wall Calendar featuring the comedian’s odd cartoons.

I definitely like the Official Asterix 2022 Wall Calendar, which comes with a free poster, the perfect complement to a copy of the latest, enjoyable album, Asterix and the Griffin.

Official Asterix 2022 Wall Calendar
Official Asterix 2022 Wall Calendar

No self respecting BEANO fan will want to miss out on the Beano Calendar 2022, sporting Dennis and Gnasher in action in the cover. Minnie the Minx joins them inside to chart a year of menace!

Beano Calendar 2022

If you’re a Beatrix Potter fan, then you’ll be delighted to learn the British Library has released a The World of Beatrix Potter Calendar featuring covers of 12 of her books, and there’s an official Peter Rabbit Calendar too, not only available from your preferred shops, but also direct from the Peter Rabbit Shop in Bowness-in-Windermere.

The World of Beatrix Potter Calendar 2022 (British Library)
Peter Rabbit 2022 Calendar

We previously featured the official The Broons Calendar 2022 here, a must-have for every Broons fan. Colourful, nostalgic and cheerful, the calendar is crammed full of Glebe Street charm from Scotland’s longest-established, and best-loved family. Classic strips from Dudley D. Watkins will entertain you throughout the year.

The Broons Books and Calendars 2022

Again, there’s new Broons books out too, just to add to your choices!

We’ve also featured the 2022 Commando Calendar here on downthetubes. This features various covers from Commando comic, ranging from the Classic Golden Era of the comic to modern day masterpieces. Included are 17 covers by some of the world’s greatest ever comic artists as well as a special double page-spread pull-out poster. It features artwork by Ian Kennedy, Neil Roberts, Keith Burns, and many more.

While there are, of course, plenty of mainstream comic-related calendars out there, but it’s possible some of your favourite creators may have created their own, so do check their official web sites or social media pages. Some, like Gemma Correll, have also had their comics turned into calendars by mainstream publishers!

Do check out A Dog’s Life, showcasing Gemma’s doggy cartoons – simple drawings combined with witty remarks that show situations and quirks of the animals that everyone knows.

A Dog's Life Calendar by Gemma Correll 2022

Plus, there’s her A Cat’s Life, too, a perfect gift for feline fans!

A Cat's Life Calendar by Gemma Correll 2022

On the subject of cats, while not comics related, I do rather like Alex Clark’s Charismatic Cats Calendar. Alex is well known for her sympathetic, quirky and unique depiction of dogs, cats, birds and farm animals, and this is a great selection. (Yes, yes, there’s a Delightful Dogs, too!)

Portico Designs’ Hurrah for Gin 2022 Family Calendar 2022 features the much-loved artwork from the ‘Hurrah for Gin’ blog.

Fans of the Moomins, in book or newspaper strip form, will surely want a copy of this year’s Moomin Calendar. A true Scandinavian classic, the Moomins, created by Tove Jansson, have been captivating audiences with their adventures – in both book and television form – for decades.

The calendar features 12 touching illustrations of the much-loved characters of Moominvalley, all your favourite characters, from Moominmamma and Moominpappa to Little My and Snorkmaiden.

Moomin Calendar 2022

How about an Oor Wullie calendar? We can guarantee that unlike the current description on AmazonUK, this fun package doesn’t feature numerous churches!

We aren’t, we assure, you, obsessed with cats – although perhaps this article might suggest differently – but we’d be failing in our duties if we didn’t include the 2022 Simon’s Cat Calendar in this item.

2022 Simon’s Cat Calendar

He may be European, but Tintin has been part of comics fun in the UK since the 1950s, so how could we not mention the Moulinsart 2022 Tintin Wall Calendar? Featured this year are images from Tintin’s first four adventures: Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin in the Congo, Tintin in America and and Cigars of the Pharaoh.

There’s also The Dave Walker Guide to the Church Calendar, a regular favourite with his loyal and enthusiastic fans and a lifesaver for stressed church people. For more than a decade he has contributed a weekly cartoon to the Church Times, he has published seven church cartoon collections and enjoys a huge social media following.

His calendars have become an annual necessity for many, and are full of his uniquely wry humour!

The Dave Walker Guide to the Church Calendar

Wait – a religious calendar… at Christmas? Could this actually work? (Wry grin..)

Rounding off this guide to just some of the (largely) British comics and cartoon related calendars out there, I did indicate in the headline that this article might go off at a tangent. But how could I not draw readers attention to the The Sci-Fi Art of Virgil Finlay Wall Calendar 2022 from Flame Tree Studios – one of my favourite pulp magazine artists?

While Virgil Finlay worked in a range of media, from gouache to oils, he specialised in detailed pen-and-ink drawings accomplished with abundant stippling, cross-hatching, and scratchboard techniques. This calendar showcases 12 such intricate and atmospheric line pen and ink drawings in all their glory. Creepiness at its best… will you dare to turn to the next month?

With thanks to Richard Sheaf for starting me off on this quest

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  1. I used to buy more calendars than I knew what to do with but recently have made do with a to-do cheapie. Maybe time to rectify that.

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