Comic creators and coders combine on new “Zoo Ballon” mobile game

Mr Fluffy of Random Reptile's Zoo Balloon

Longtime comic creator Dave Windett and his longtime coding-savvy brother, Paul, have just launched their first mobile game, Zoo Ballon, under their Random Reptile brand – and it looks like great fun, with some smashing visuals, too.

Dave has been a freelance illustrator and comics artist for over 30 years, his clients hailing from all parts of the globe. Alongside independent projects created with John Gatehouse, he’s perhaps best known for his work on a variety of animated characters from Fox and Warner Bros., his art on “Korky the Cat” in The Dandy, and his illustrations for the Norwegian book series, Magic.

Random Reptile's Zoo Balloon - art by Dave Windett
Random Reptile's Zoo Balloon - art by Dave Windett

“The object of the game is to manoeuvre your animal balloon past enemies and traps,” Dave tells us. “You can hold your breath to slow down and let it out to speed up. Collect power-ups and unlock different player balloons. Fly higher than famous landmarks to earn achievements.

“Paul did the coding, and, obviously, I drew the pictures,” he continues. “It’s been more than 20 years since Paul was involved in the games industry.”

“I coded and did pixel art in the late 1980s (Amstrad, Spectrum, C64, etc.) and again in the early 2000s (Gameboy Colour / Advance),” says Paul, “but where I worked, hours and pay were bad. Short development times meant never being proud of what you made.

“Back then we built everything with nothing. The power of modern game engines is stunning. I’m having fun!”

Zoo Balloon is free to download and play. You can find it by visiting or on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Dave Windett is online at

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