Comic Creators “Draw The Line”, taking protest to the page

Art: Karrie Fransman

A new group of comic creators from across the globe has just launched, assembled as ‘Draw the Line: Concrete Political Actions Comics‘. 

The creators involved hope to focus protest at recent political developments into positive action for alternatives.

Upset since Donald Trump’s election in the United States and the wider rise of xenophobia and fascism in the West, the aim is to illustrate and publicise concrete political actions people can take during “dark days”. This could be small things, like fact-checking articles online and shopping local to bigger ones like organising demonstrations or housing refugees. 

“We’ve contacted environmental, anti-racism and refugee support charities for advice on these actions,” says one of the founders, artist Karrie Fransman

“Each artist will illustrate one action. We’ll create a website to share these actions online and later a book.”

The book, which the group hopes to publish in February 2017, will provide 52 concrete actions that anyone can take when faced with a prevailing political landscape they do not like. 

At the moment, the organisers of the group are plugging away at getting more creators involved, so head over to Facebook if you want to know more.
“Hopefully, this project will be a way to lift our spirits,” Karrie enthuses, ” and to ignite some more good in this world!”

Here’s the initial public Facebook post by Myfanwy Nixon that started the whole thing off

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