Comics In Scotland: 2000AD And More

As part of the first national Oxfam Bookfest, which runs from 4 to 18 July 2009, the British charity will be holding a comics event in Edinburgh. With the Dundee Literary Festival Comics Day in June and the Edinburgh International Book Festival with its anticipated comics talks in August, central Scotland was already well served for comics events this summer so this is an extra bonus.

To be held between Noon and 3pm on Saturday 18 July in Edinburgh’s McDonald Road Library located at the corner of McDonald Road and Leith Walk, the event is being advertised as a comics workshop covering 2000AD and More. Currently Commando and Spectacular Spiderman writer Ferg Handley is scheduled to appear with more guests due to be announced and attendees will also get the chance to bid on donated items during an auction.

This is only one of a number of book related events happening around the country in July organised by Oxfam which is the UK’s largest retailer of second hand books. As yet there are no details of ticket prices or further guests .

• More details of the Oxfam Comics In Scotland event can be found on the Oxfam UK website.

• The locations of Oxfam Bookshops can be found using the Oxfam Shop Locator.

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